Cider and Vinegar..

.. made in Le Petit Clos!

Where apples are, cider is

In the Old Testament and the New, the Shekar defines any fermented drink other than grape wine. Cider is clearly identified in Europe as the apple wine.

Cider golden age

After the arrival of apple trees in the twelfth - thirteenth century and with the invention of the press, cider has expanded rapidly throughout the west of France. The cage press was the most widespread since each family could draw cider

A medecine

Hippocrates advocated the virtues of apple and cider. Contemporary analyzes demonstrate its tonic qualities, remineralizing and diuretic. Minerals endosperm nitric and carbonic hydrates accelerate digestion and tone the heart. Cider brings water, fructose, glucose, mineral salts, vitamins B, C ... The malic acid stimulates the liver functions and helps to transform sugar molecules, alcohol and fat

The decline after 1950

The rise of the apple was such, that practically there was a distillery or a cider by canton of production. The second world war marked the beginning of the decline due to lack of manpower and agricultural policy after 1955 in favor of industrial products accentuate the phenomenon (grubbing premium apple). Today, tall stems orchards (traditional) represent less than 1% of what existed in the early twentieth century


For twenty years, cider consumption finds its credentials. The premiums for the creation of orchards tall stems, all pomological associations such as the Association of Pomological Upper Normandy (A.P.H.N.) contribute to the development of quality local products that we invite you to discover