Cider and Vinegar..

.. made in Le Petit Clos!

Our land
We use 12 varieties of cider apples, sweet, sweet bitter, slightly acid and according to the various distributions we produce raw and semi-dry very typical cider
A beautiful blooming We use no chemicals At spring time, we mulsh the excessive grass Our assistants, the gooses, are always ready to participate in the cleaning of the land! Compost
Branches will slowly become compost
Here a "ready to harvest" tree!
A light jolt and hup, it is the fireworks! Once on th ground, apples are waiting to be picked-up The harvesting of apples is made thanks to a specialized machine A small sorting to remove the too damaged fruits The preservation lasts from 1 to 3 months in wooden pallox away of the bad weather. By fresh weather, 8 in 10°c we use a hydraulic press. Apples are washed in the rainwater ( no chlorine) and then loaded A rack brings apples towards a mixer They are carefully put in 15 cm beds using sheets. The press puts pressure and slowly bring out the juice. We so obtain the must ( not fermented cider). Works done!! Satisfy ! The bottling
Is made directly in the cellar, then we store bottles several months to insure a good foam taking.
We tag our bottles by hand, with a natural glue Here we have our final product!!!

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